Push Pull began in 2012 when Christopher Hall started roasting coffee in his Portland apartment. Sharing bags of coffee with friends led to popups around town and in January 2018, Push Pull opened a cafe on SE Stark Street. 

Our original menu was split between washed and natural processed coffees. People drinking the naturals for the first time kept coming back and wanting more of the fruity stuff. Since then, Push Pull has focused on naturals, honeys, anaerobics, and the most experimental and fruity coffees we can find.

In September 2022, we acquired the former Union Coffee and Wine space in Seattle's central district, and Push Pull on Union opened its doors. 

From Portland to Seattle to our accounts nationwide, what we do and who we are is about people. Farmers planting and harvesting, roasting and brewing, and you drinking and sharing. Each one of us is vital to the process, and we roast coffee to celebrate that. Let's drink something delicious together.

  • CHRISTOPHER:founder/lead roaster

    Push X Pull was born from Christopher's home roasting and his love for wild and fruity coffees. He draws from his years of cafe experience and background in supply chain and community development to create a space focused on bringing people together over the best coffee they’ve ever had. His happy place (besides roasting your favorite coffee) is outside with his wife and sons or playing guitar with his band, Tents.

  • EMMA:co-owner/operations

    Emma is our beverage guide. She’s usually wearing all black, dancing behind the bar (she can’t dance), or telling you about the album she’s been listening to. She draws on her experience as a writer to create content and share coffee knowledge with our community. After her day is done at PXP, she’s probably lifting at the gym, cooking with her husband, or writing and recording music.

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