Our Team!


Emma Reeves

A woman of her word, Emma can often be found enjoying the little things with a raised eyebrow and a hearty pirates laugh. When she is not meticulously making bevies for her people to enjoy you might find her climbing up a wall or writing things for people to read. With a special eye for detail, and the Jonas Brothers, Emma demonstrates a special gift in making others feel heard…. a no-brainer why we’d create special handshakes and drink all the drinks together.


Natalie Brawner

Woo’d by pasta, other carbohydrate-centric foods, and dogs that she’s meeting for the first time, Natalie loves hanging with her dude and their mini Australian Shepherd, Bowie. When she’s not at the shop listening to Arianna Grande you may find her at home drawing with a grey’s episode on in the background. With a glow for the discovery of a new coffee on espresso, and her intentionality in fostering relationships with PUSH X PULL regulars, it’s no wonder why we’ve got the feels for Suze.